now, i’m wearing my today-heels
i’m already printing my tomorrow-sneakers

my yesterday’s steps?

no worries,
i clean my footprint with every step I take

Let’s beginArrow-Down

So what we do is

We use the 4 ingredients to make
a truly beautiful product



This way, users can love them, wear them
and let them go




Todaymaking tomorrow possible

FOOT-PRINT  is a design philosophy for
designers to use
and for people to enjoy

no-one needs to worry about the products they make, buy and love

because with this practice
you will become footprint-less

Tomorrowmaking a difference

with Foot-Print we wanted to develop an alternative
for our consumer society to interact with their products.

it is a fact that we can no longer deny the
consequences which our consumer society causes.
as an industry, we have to acknowledge the profound
impact we make on our world. it has become of the
most pressing importance that we change the way we
offer our products to the market and our customers.
if we would design more consciously, users will get the
opportunity to make a better choice more easily and


we should choose to make conscious design the rule, instead of the exception.
that way design will no longer be the problem, it will be the solution.

Foot-Print is the tool, which allows designers to start
walking to a truly beautiful tomorrow.

Youthe initiator

Foot-Print has a mission.

we want to create a community of committed
designers who want to make a difference. all this
based on a non-profit plan. let’s start a conversation
with the fashion industry about taking a step
today to a truly beautiful tomorrow.

making an impact by using Foot-Print.
the first step to a movement


Methe dreamer

i am a concept designer with a dream and a not so secret love for shoes.

with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, i am building a bridge between a down to earth problem and my vision for the system of the future.

my dream might be a vision today, but it will be real tomorrow.

i am creating the first steps. these steps contain a mindset shift for the current industry. 

to start making truly beautiful products without being harmful to anyone or anything.

+316 57 57 82 68
Utrecht, The Netherlands






hello there

let’s talk about how to make your product truly beautiful!

there are several ways to get in touch.
there is of course email, social media, or postal services..
but why don’t you just give us a call?
different of what you might think, we’re not scary what so ever.  pick up the phone, we’d be happy to have a chat!

Foot-Print is a tomorrow-product
by Heleen Overbeek